The very Sad but also very Beautiful Evening when St.Helens Lit up the sky for Baby Isaac

March 31, 2016  •  7 Comments



This is a very sad post today , as everyone knows in my home town St.Helens,  a little boy has sadly lost his life battling Leukemia.

Little Isaac and his bravery  has touched the lives of many of us from this town and so Last night (Thursday) , it was arranged that as many people from the town would at 8.30 simultaneously would release balloons and lanterns in memory of Isaac and to show our support.

Myself and my friends climbed upto  billinge hill where there were already a large group of people, it was so emotional when at 8.30 we could see into the distance thousands of balloons and lanterns light up the sky of St.helens.

I cannot even begin to imagine what Isaacs mum and dad are going through, it is heartbreaking but i hope they can take some comfort in knowing theirs and Isaacs courage has moved so many of us and the compassion and empathy shown throughout our town has been incredible. Although the evening was so sad it was also a beautiful thing to see how many people of our town are here to support each other at such difficult times as this.

Something positive has happened from his tragic event, i know so many people along with myself who want to donate for bone marrow, and i urge everyone to do this.

I know there is a just giving page to help isaacs family give Isaac the best send off possible which i will post the link here when i find it.

I have compiled some photographs i have taken last night, they are not the best and it is hard to make out all the lanterns and balloons in the far distance but i hope it conveys the emotion and love everyone has shown for Isaac and his family.


To Isaacs Family ..


There are no words anyone can ever say that will take your hurt away, so i won't try to , but what i will say is ( and i take comfort in this ) i do believe  that when  you lose someone close to you , you dont ever really lose them, for now that they are simply living somewhere else, they are always with you in your mind with your memories and in your heart with your love, 

Sending you all my love, your in my thoughts and prayers ...x

Goodnight God Bless Beautiful Boy xx


Love Louise xx


The Beautiful Birth Of Baby Isla

November 27, 2015  •  4 Comments

As a photographer I get invited into peoples lives for the day sharing their most precious moments. It is something really special and i have had so many incredible experiences.

One of my most memorable and special photo shoots took place recently when I was asked by Jemma and Brett to photograph the birth of their baby girl. 

Jemma explained to me they  had sadly lost their baby boy a year ago and so  it meant even more to them to capture their baby girls birth  in photographs. I knew this was so important to them and i knew i had to do this shoot, i had a feeling it was going to be very special.

Birth photography was something unheard of until recently but it makes sense, after all most of us photograph every other important event in our lives. What could be more important than bringing a new life into the world :)

Jemma had given me her due date and we hoped and prayed that I would be free when she went into labour. On the day of the birth i was just about to leave the house to go to my church group in St Helens at which I try to attend every Wednesday. So lucky enough I was ready to go! 

Jemma had a home birth and had decided to go with a birthing pool. When I arrived Jemma was already in the pool and was looking fabulous considering she was in labour. There  was soothing music, 2 lovely midwives and the atmosphere was really calm and lovely.

I have to mention 2 things that i will always remember and were inspiring to me. The first thing was how incredibly brave and calm Jemma was and throughout the birth. I have to say to all you mums and lady's who have gone through this you are so strong and totally inspiring to me.

The second thing was how incredibly supportive Jemma's partner Brett was throughout all of this. Their bond and love for each other was obvious to see. Throughout the birth there were some really touching moments that really moved me, a look between Jemma and Brett, sometimes words just arnt needed and would never be  enough anyway... for me to be able to photograph two souls so in love who have created life is just beyond magical to me.

At exactly 9.49 Beautiful baby Isla was born into this wonderful and crazy world we live in, that moment was certainly emotional, at one point i almost forgot to take pictures and was just gazing at Isla amazed at how truly beautiful she and this moment the midwives scooped Isla up to lay on Jemma,  Brett wrapped his arms around them both and they just gazed in awe of their beautiful miracle, silently weeping from joy, exhaustion and relief ( jemma not me ha ) i took some more shots of this incredible and beautiful moment.

I Want to also mention what lovely ladies the midwives were, they were warm, friendly and  cared so much :)


Thank you for allowing me to come into your world and photograph this beautiful moment in your lives, I will remember it always and i hope that if I am blessed in life with  becoming a Mum and having a baby of my own  i can do it as bravely, gracefully, peacefully and as beautifully as you Jemma :)


Jemma & Brett have given me permission to share with you this beautiful experience :) i have a short slideshow with music to watch below and I've chosen a few images for you all to see :)


please do do leave any comments below , it's always so lovely to read your feedback :) 


Love Louise 





Rachel & Geoff's Beautiful Rustic wedding in Elmton , Derbyshire

September 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Hi Everyone :) ... i hope you are all well and ready for Autumn?Winter :)

Where do i start with this stunning wedding and stunning couple? :)

When Rachel and Geoff had got got in touch me after being recommended by a friend , (thank you Joanne :) , i was very excited as it was to take place in Elmton, Derbyshire :)

A lot of photographers like to work in their own area but not me , i love to travel around not just the uk but anywhere in the world! I love the adventure and the endless possibilities when it comes to new landscapes and scenerys to photograph :)

The Whole style of Rachel & Geoffs wedding was right up my street! I love the rustic , whimsical and Bohemian kind of feel and look to a wedding and this wedding had exactly that and more!

Firstly let me set the scene, Elmton is a little village with beautiful fields and gorgeous little roads and lots of open air!

The wedding ceremony was to take place in a little chapel down the road from Rachels parents house, fact so close that Rachel walked there, which we got some lovely shots of all the neighbours in the roads taking pictures.

Once out of the chapel and we had got all our group shots we all walked down the road ( including the brass band whilst playing ) it created a really lovely atmosphere, it also felt very quirky and personal :)

We made our way down the road to where the reception was being held which was a lovely big white marquee in one of Rachels parents fields, everything looked so pretty, little candles hung on the trees, bails of hay outside for people to sit on overlooking endless fields, everything as a dream to photograph :)

Speaking of a dream to photograph.. Rachel and Geoff are such a beautiful couple , i couldn't really go wrong :) They were fab to photograph, so involve and so much fun and were such good sports walking through a slightly wet field when it turned dusk , but the shots were gorgeous! I love it when my Bride & Grooms trust me and just say ' go ahead we'll do whatever you want , we trust you!" , that most definatley means we are going to get some awesome shots and i hope you agree we did :)


Moving on to the evening , i think this wedding had some of my most favourite dancing moments! firstly we had the amazing first dance which started off a slow dance as the singer and the band ( which were really cool by the way , i shall find out their name and attach them to this blog ) performed the kooks song ' she moves in her own way " , then half way through stopped and began playing 'jamiroqui' canned heat , which Rachel and Geoff had secretly rehearsed some pretty cool dance moves too! everyone went wild and of course joined in ! the dance went down a storm and the atmosphere was amazing !  i filmed a few bits of this on my video which i will upload as soon as poss :) 

From then on the dance floor was never empty, i do feel this has a lot to do with of course briliant fun guests but also I've found a really good funky band at the start gets everyone up dancing early on :)

Everyone was dancing and i left everyone with a big smile on my face , i could hear all the partying all the way down the road as we drove off as the sun had just set, what a brilliant wedding to be part of and be able to capture it with my photographs :)


Rachel & Geoff Thank you for allowing me to be part of your special day , i with you all the Luck & Love in the world :)

If you or anyone you know is looking for a  wedding photographer in Derbyshire or anywhere else , please feel free to get in touch and we can get to know one another :)


The Fun and Fabulous Wedding of Becky & Chris at the Stunning Shrigley Hall

September 13, 2015  •  1 Comment


Well where do i begin to to describe Becky & Chris's beautiful day? was so special , for many reasons!  

The main reason being the love Becky & Chris have for one another! i dont think I've met a couple more in love,  and i mean the kind of love you see in movies and the kind we all dream of having , they totally adore each other and have been together for many years, child hood sweet hearts infact and have been through so much together, and still have the kind of love you have when you first fall in love :) How blessed i am to be have the job of capturing such a beautiful thing :) 

When your around two people in love like this , its beautiful and its exciting and you cant help but smile :)

When i first met Becky & Chris 2 years ago when they booked me to photograph their wedding,  we all got on like we had known each other for ages, we clicked instantly, they both had really creative ideas and loved mine and i knew they would be up for any kind of ideas i would suggest on the day , photographs were really important to them , these are my perfect kind of clients :)


The ceremony was held in their local church in Manchester , it was such an emotional ceremony, Chris who is 6ft something is very much what his friends call " a gentle giant" , he cried from the moment the music began to play as Becky walked down the aisle! it was such a lovely moment ( as you will see in the pictures, there is a moment that i caught of Chris taking deep breaths trying to calm himself ) i love this black and white shot , i think it captures one of my favourite parts of the day, after all the years of hard work and planning and dreaming about , that moment is finally here, i love the intense atmosphere, the anicipation , the excitement and all the emotions, its such a special moment :)

And i do love to capture the tears, it sounds strange but i do , tears convey so much emotion in a photograph, and a wedding wouldn't be a wedding without tears ! :)

After the ceremony we did our large group shots and confetti shots and went on to the stunning Shrigley Hall :) I've been looking forward to photographing a wedding at this venue for a while! To look at , it definatly has the wow factor and the staff were so lovely and friendly especially a lovely young lady called Aj who was in charge on the day , she went above and beyond on the day :)

The venue has stunning views and so many pretty places for photographs, we even managed to get some golden hour shots ( this time is my favourite time to photograph , the time of day when the sun is about to set around an hour before, the light is just beautiful :)

What also makes a great wedding in my opinion is great guests! Having fun and friendly guests help create the atmosphere and this is another reason Becky & Chris's wedding was so wonderful! All their family and friends were so lovely , so much fun and danced from the music started playing and I'm pretty sure they would have all still have been dancing when it stopped! They were brilliant! Not forgetting their beautiful little boy Freddie who just so happens to be the most popular little boy I've met as everyone wanted to give him a cuddle he is just adorable :)

Just before i left everyone Chris insisted i had a jagerbomb with a large group of them ( of course i joined in ) :) , i downed mine then took the shot of the jagerbomb train! it was a great shot to end with ! 

As i hugged everybody and said my goodbyes i looked back  one more time to take in the moment as i watched everyone dancing and having fun and its times like this i truly feel i have the best job in the world :) 

The night sky was beautiful that night and so i took a shot of the starry sky as i drove off still hearing the faint sound of dancing and laughter! 

Becky & Chris thank you so much for making me part of your beautiful , unforgettable day, i wish you all of the love and luck in the world , and i hope you always remain as happy as you was this day :)


Love Louise xxx








September 09, 2015  •  1 Comment

Hi Everyone :)

Hope you are all having  good September so far :) 

I just thought id add some previews of one of my gorgeous summer weddings , the lovely Mark and Eleano's :)

I knew Mark from being very little and when i add the full blog when all the images are ready to upload i shall fill you all in on the details but for now all i will say is that it was an honour to be part of such a special day :) Eleanor and Mark and such beautiful people inside and out, they were so chilled out and the venue was stunning , so it was a dream to photograph :) I hope you like the previews :) ( i love the shot of Mark nervously waiting for Eleanor in the church , this is one of my most favourite moments of a wedding , the atmosphere is tense with aniicipation , excitement nervousness , its a very special moment , and i think Marks nervous expression captures the whole atmosphere :) Enjoy :) i cant wait to edit and show you the rest :)


Louise xx


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